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Silver Jock Scott (fishing fly)

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hey guys

this week i havent had much time to tie. the restaurant is crazy with christams and all around the corner. been doing 15-17h days. over the last week i manage to tie this fly for the box. it tied on a tmc 7999 2/0 (pure fishing hook nothing pretty with it). i tied the fly in the old way built wing. all the "crow"(its weaver) is doubled up. i tied first the turkey then the peacock on top followed by married slipes of bustard, florican( this is scott's sub) and gp tail, then i tied the colour on as sides. the teal kinda got lost but it there. the swords are tied on top of wing but they kinda of moved around. kingfishered instead of BC and it doubled. the roof is little short of full wing. i need new mallard. over all i like the look of thw fly. i didnt try and make it prettt by any means just was thinking fishing and keeping it as much as possible to old ones
all critique and comments arw greatly welcome

also adding a picture of a birthday cake i did yesterday:) the cake is dark and milk chocolate with almonds.

sorry for bad pictures ill re post a picture of fly this one is with my phone
hope all is well



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I'd happily fish that one, great horns on it, love the shape.
That cake looks delicious :whoa::whoa:

Love the fly Kevin , I would fish that all day long , fishy like crazy :smokin::smokin:
This one has winter steelhead written all over it !!

Kevin......this is great tied !!
I never tied this pattern my self but want try this one !!!
Lovely looking cake too !!

Yow! The JS looks as tasty as that sugary extravaganza next to it! Very nice work, both artistically and cullinarrily [is that a word?] :chuckle: CJ
here's my fly and here's my ta-da!

thank gawd you're not a heart surgeon.
I've never seen a 7999 look so good! I think you've got more than a fishing fly there.

That hook looks prettier to me than an AJ. Nice fly and cake.
Wonderfully tied fishing fly, Kev. I like the old school dress on the proportions. Makes me giddy and jealous.;)

Cheers to the celebrant!

thx guys adrian there will be a couple like this sent your way for your wallets
Looking forward to hearing how the Jock does on the Squamish and/or the Cheak! Nice work - I also dig the old school vibe on this tie.
Looking good Kevin.
Pure art, the cake that is. Love the fly as well.
. Wow! Wish my fishing flies looked like that! Would feel good swinging that anytime. But I'd cry if I hung it in the branches (which is the last resting place for lots of my flies!). Oh well. No risk; no reward! Anyway Kevin, I love your flies!
What's the name of your restaurant?

Dude, I enjoy artistic food at least as much as fly tying art. As detail oriented as you are, I imagine your food is top drawer. Terrific fly by the way - but you know that. And that cake - wowzer.
Maybe one of your best Kevin.

The colors are a knockout!

Nice cake, beautiful fly

That's a beauty there Kevin! Nicely dressed.
That's one hell of a good looking cake! And the SILVER JOCK SCOTT is just as nice. Now go fish it!
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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