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Silver grey

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Heres a silver grey (kelson) on a size two double I tied a few weeks back. Only time I use a vice for classic salmon patterns nowadays is for small doubles like these. I used some bustard and macaw which I stripped off a old fly I tied so I wouldnt end up cutting 3 inch fibers for a one inch fly. Went for a mixer look. Im not very good at small flies :Eyecrazy:

My favorite thing on this forum is seeing a classic flys in the jaws of a bright fish, so I thought Id share my photos too.

I decided to try this pattern in the evening (had the run to myself since everyone else was eating turkey) and was quickly rewarded my second chromer of the fall. Gonna stick with this classic pattern/dryline thing until it gets real cold.

Tight lines!



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Way cool little double, nice fish, gotta love the success on both fronts, well done!
Sweet Fly Kevin and sweet fish.

Whos kevin? Lol :p
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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