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shrimp for the beat

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a little shrimp for the local beat.
tied the old way without horns.
comments welcome

happy holidays all!


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clearly - the odds are stacked against the fishes!
I don't know much but this looks brilliant to me. Great work.
Sharp fly. Happy holidays to you too as well Tim.

Tim...how you manage to put all those tasty items on a hook without eliciting a crammed feel is masterful

Happy holidays!!!

I really hope to wet a line with you one day and im happy to follow vs lead down the run :)


Your skills in hand are admirable, its always to treat to see what comes from your fingers. Between you Jin and Adrians posts I always kick myself for not doing it more... Different walkway for me right now...

Merry Christmas buddy, net some metal for me...
really like how you built this wing. great colors

clearly - the odds are stacked against the fishes!
Nice, very-very Nice.
Wonderful tying my Brother :smokin::smokin:
I'll say it again , I'm very glad to see you posting again !!
Your flies give me much inspiration , you tie with a vintage flair like no other I have seen , thanks for sharing !!

This flee will surely raise a few adipose fins !!
Love the profile and POP of this flee , just the right amount of contrast too .... well played :)

Love it !!

Tim.....some time with out horns look better ......just like this !!
Nice to see your fly back....keep coming Tim !!


On its way to NJ
Enjoy Frank, best of luck with this one
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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