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This past Monday morning I was out fishing my right bank and came upon a troubling scenerio wherein my dangle point was at the edge of a back eddy. When the line reached the back eddy it would completely sink my sinktip while continually increasing the slack in the line making the pick up very hard. Frustrated, I called it an early day.

I emailed a particularly good sinktip fisherman who suggested, among other things, that I try stripping in the line prior to the pick up. As I wouldn't have enough head outside the guides after stripping in any line, and I hadn't practiced the shooting of line with a spey rod, I was fairly reluctant to try this as a remedy. But I gave it a go and it worked! I was able to make the pick up with far less effort and little to no extra slack. Further, I was able to shoot an additional 10 to 15 ft. of line.:smokin:

Now to the point of this post - My usual tailing loop disappeared for the most part. Since I let the coiled shooting line go on the most forward part of the delivery it seems to suggest, to me, that my prior delivery was either too fast or too powerful (like looking at two sides of the same cow). Any comments?


BTW - I don't have this tailing loop problem when tossing the floating line, only when fishing sinktips.
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