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Here's a little trick to try for added distance and super tight loops: shoot line into your backcast. The principle is the same as shooting line into the final backcast when distance casting with a single hand rod, except here we are talking about shooting line into the D loop. Here's how it works:
  1. hold a loop of line between your top hand and bottom hand
  2. grip the rod with your normal grip, holding the remaining shooting line in your lower hand
  3. form your D loop, releasing the line from your top hand just after you stop your rod on the backcast. Forming a "V" loop works best, and you might find it helpful to put a little more (but just a little) "ooomph" into your backcast
  4. adjust the timing of your forward cast because your D loop will now be larger
  5. make your forward cast, adjusting your stroke to allow for the longer length of line, and shoot the remaining line into your forward cast
    Start with a fairly small "shooting loop" then gradually add more line until you find the optimum length for your tackle and technique.

    It takes a little practice, but the results are worth it. This technique works well with extended shooting heads and MidSpey-type lines.
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