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Stuff I haven't used in a long while.

Old style Rio Scandinavian Multi Tip. Floating in the rear, 15ft of intermediate upfront. Factory loops on front. Need tips, or T-?

First one is a hair under 21ft and 481 grains

Second is 19ft6in and 410.2 grains.

Third is 23ft9in and 434 grains. Welded loop on rear.

Rio AFS 10/11 S4 41ft 640grains (per Rio) Factory loops both ends. Cast once or twice.

Rio AFS 9/10 S2-S3 39ft 590grains (per Rio). Front loop cut off. Cast once or twice.

Rio Scando bodies only, $20.00 each shipped in the US.

The rest are $35.00 each shipped in the US.

If you want multiples we can work something out.

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I'll take the two Rio AFS lines, PM me with price for both.

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