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some manufacturers (e.g. Loop) offers special shooting heads for two handed rods.
What is the difference between a shooting head for a single handed rod and for a double handed rod? Or, what is the difference beetween a ST9F for a single and a ST9F for a two handed rod?
Can I cut a shooting head for underhand casting from DT-Line?
Stefan :confused:

Hooked on Salmon
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Hello Stefan,

If you use the search engine on this board you will find many answers to your questions. We have discussed them a lot over the past few years.

A shooting head for a 2hand rod almost always is longer than the standard 30' long ones for 1hand rods. Normally they are 35-45 feet long.

I find that Airflo make some of the best, with Scandinavian Loop and Guideline competing at the same level.

Yes, you can make two heads out of a DT line, something I often do. An example: A DT sinktip, like the Hardy one makes great heads for added poly leaders as the sinktip helps transfer the energy in a smooth fashion.

I am in a rush so this is short - do search the site and you will find size charts etc.

Good luck,

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