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I attended the Sherbrooke, QC. Spey Clave on May 9 and 10 for my third year, and was fully entertained for the 2 day event. This was an opportunity to benefit from many demonstrations by accomplished and certified two handed casters, and to test drive many two handed and single handed rods, on the water, from many of the manufacturers to include Sage, loomis, Beulah, Mystic, Hardy, Seele, Guideline, Orvis, Loop, Redington , and others.
Although the predominant language spoken is French, I still gain from the event due to having some familiarity with the two handed world, and can navigate what is being demonstrated. However, most folks can, and will converse in English, and I have not experienced a problem with having a question answered, or to have a cast demonstrated at my level. Several of the demonstrators, in fact, only spoke English. This included Topher Brown, Christopher Rownes, Michael Mauri, and Courtney Ogilvie, each having their demonstration translated into French! These are folks recognized in the game.
For anyone interested in the two handed challenge I highly recommend the event that is normally held annually in May. For a $10 daily entrance fee, that includes a nice lunch provided with the help of involved youth of the area, door prize tickets, that include some great rods, and an opportunity to converse with leaders in the industry, in my opinion, it is tough to beat. Oh, and did I mention the evening festivities?
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