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Took my new Torridge to Lincoln Park this AM. I'm set up with the Snowbee 370gr Scandi head (44') and the Guideline running line. The summary: this rod and this set-up rocks ! I was regularly hitting 70' - 80' on one back-cast, and turning over a 14' leader with a Miyawaki Popper. Granted, I did have a little wind help. My casting distance right now is only limited by my ability. Every few casts I'd get the timing exactly right and all the line I had out would shoot through and chirp my drag.

Some of the practical fishing aspects:

A deeper stripping basket would be helpful.

The popper is designed to be stripped in nearly to the rod tip, so after a little practice, I have a system: Big S-shaped waggles to work the head back out, a roll or switch cast, then pick it up and shoot. Worked fine today, but would truly suck if there was a lot of salad in the water. Once I'm hitting 90' -100', I'll just strip in to the the head, since I'll be covering 40 - 50' water.

Otherwise, fun, fun, fun. And oh, yeah, no fish. Several fishers of both varieties, one fly-fisher who had been there since 6am saw only one fish caught.

Maiden Voyage Part II coming up after next weekend's trip to the Yak. I have a 10' sinking leader for streamers, plus I'll swing some soft-hackles and probably do some indicator nymphing. I might get to skate some October caddis, too. Can't wait.

Thanks to Jack and Aaron and the rest of you who helped answer my questions to lead me to this--my first two-hander!

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