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Excellent reading and pictures. The Miramichi is my home river and I fish mainly between Boiestown and Doaktown. I've known and dealt with Jerry for years. Your story about him is funny. I also have one of those spey leaders, I paid the same price as you. I'm glad you like New Brunswick.

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GREAT september update Gary!! I really like the label from Swayze vinyards!
The fishing really picked up at the end of the season huh?

You really have a gift with storytelling, as do those misfits you hang out with ;)

And on several occasions, I have witnessed a party break out along the miramichi. Fiddles, accordions, guitars, lots of laughs. But I've yet to witness a music stick!

Looking forward to seeing you and Bridget next season.

All the best from Fredericton,

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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