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Rio Power Fly 9wt - test cast only, on original spool, $35 PENDING
SI Mastery MPX 8wt - test cast once, basically brand new w spool and box, $35 PENDING
SI Mastery SBT (Short Belly Taper) 7wt - [email protected], test cast once, again basically brand new w spool and box, $35
SI GPX 9wt - this one's been fished some, but there's plenty of life left in it. On original spool, $20

Shipping included. Canadians pay CAD, 'muricans pay USD. I figure the exchange rate will cover the extra shipping cost to the US.

Would also happily trade one or more for an equally new to lightly used SI Anadro 9wt, Rio Scandi Body 8wt, or 6wt InTouch Rio Gold.

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