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Hi guys this is nasty..
Have a read on this report to the B.C. government about the selenium level in the Elk and Fording rivers in South eastern B.C. Could be a total wipe out of the Cutthroat Trout in the rivers. Report claims 180,000 fish being killed in the Fording river already. It is not mentioned, but what about the water people are getting out of their wells in the Elk valley. Also, What does selenium do to people? The Fording river where the pollution comes from runs into the Elk river then into Lake Kookanosa south of Fernie B.C., it then runs into the USA, then from the USA to Kooteney Lake in B.C.
I hope this info gets to the right people in the USA as this could, or has already polluted USA waters. Please pass this info on.


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Selenium is one of the nastiest fish toxins out there. Doesnt take much to cause a whole hell of a lot of damage. Juv. deformities and reduced fecundity and egg survival are the big impacts. Just wrecks the survival rate and fitness of a fish population...bad news. Surprised it hasnt been on the radar
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