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Seattle Or Bust!

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Alright gang -

The first fly show put on by the Flyfishing Show in the Seattle area (Bellevue) will be this February 22-23 in the Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue, Washington.

We will be there if all goes well with end of year fund raising. Deposit on the booth space is due soon so that's the first step. But there are many more steps to follow that:

1) raise booth cost - $750
2) decide on activities (tying demos, rod building demos, tips and tricks, videos, etc), co-exhibitors (WSC, etc), professional guest appearances, raffles, etc.
3) finance plan (objective is to break even)
4) Staffing (crew gets in free, splits shifts and gets exhibitor pass to show)
5) post-show dinner plans
6) spey clinic (if practical)
7) booth construction / props / signage
8) projector, camcorder, extension cords and clamp lights
9) tables, chairs

Our experiences from several shows in the northeast has been very positive - it's really a blast!

Last year we built a wooden faux porch booth setting out of wood. It was very inexpensive and bolts together. We've used it half a dozen times already and it gets better as guys add more to it.

Another way to go is to borrow a backdrop from your marketing department at work if you can.

We used the In-focus projector from laptops, camcorders, to project the vise clamps of our professional guests who tied their favorite flies at our booth with four small 4' costco tables of students tying along. They get the lesson, keep the fly and get a fly box for $10.

Nothing fancy on the screen - a $12 opaque window blind from home depot mounted in a big empty gap in the middle of our backdrop.

I think the most important first step is the staffing. I know those who were in our moderator program will be participating. We will need people who can give some time and energy to the effort.

Please PM me if you are interested.

I am talking to my business partner about funding part of this show as a sponsor. Our small company is Enthusiast Media, a web hosting and design firm that hosts the WSC at no cost. It also pays a portion of the Flyfishing Forum hosting costs through the year. This should help out.

The success of this is all up to you! If the membership wants this to happen, it will!

Please chime in if you can help out the moderators.
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I'm available to help out in any way you might think is useful. Booth staffing, setup/teardown, etc.


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