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Scott T3H 13,6 #8 and lines.

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Im getting rid of my Scott rod cause my back is not my best friend right now.
And its a great rod so it should be out there swinging flies.
Iwe got a reel and lots of lines aswell, echo, airflo, Rio, guideline and Loop lines.
Iwe fished 6times with the rod and reel and most of the lines are brand new.

Give me an offer.

Tight lines/Tobias
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What lines do you have for sale? And just an FYI board rules say that we must list an asking price
Echo skagit compact+compact im 540grain.
RIO skagit 525grain.
Rio afs float/im & afs sink1/sink3 480grain.
Loop intermediate with changeable tips 490grain.
Guideline shortcut sink 3\4 490 grain.
RIO Scandi short 400grain.
Airflo rage 340grain
And much more.

Price depends on what you want.
If you want it all ill make a great price.
But if you want specific things ull have To make anouther price,so the price depends on what youre interested in.

All the best.
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Scott rod

whats your price on the rod? any pictures?
And just an FYI board rules say that we must list an asking price[/QUOTE said:
X2...Please add prices
Okey i will post some prices.

T3H 13.6#8=600$

Danielsson 3W reel (no brake, just badass)=250-300$

The lines :30$ a piece.

But if your interested in all of it i was thinking=about 800$ + shippment.
Rod+reel+backing+Shooting line+lots of heads.
Everything is mint and only used 6 times and i sent well over 1700 $ buying everything.

I will try to post some pictures today.

Tight lines/


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Here are some pictures of the rod.

Tight Lines/


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