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A very close friend of mine is trying to get rid of a couple of his Scott rods. I know that one has only been fished, two maybe three time, and the other I believe has only been cast a few times on the lawn. Each rod is slightly used is what I'm getting at. I am posting this here with the hopes of helping him get rid of the stuff. The Rods are as fallows:

Scott LS2 13ft 7wt 4 piece
Scott L2H 12ft 5" 7wt 4 piece
Tubes and socks are included

He lives in the Western United States and will take $300 for each rod. Price does not include shipping
If interested or if you have further questions Rob can be contacted at [email protected]
If you send him an email, or work anything out please post a reply so that I can better monitor this thread.

Thank you Gents & Laddies
Rockstar Caddis
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