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Hi all, does anyone have experience fishing or casting this rod? What can you tell me about it? I have the 1257/4 & 1259/4 as a reference if that helps.

It's function will be to make comfortably long casts (not distance competition although cool if possible) with minimal fatigue all day. I am not a pro caster. Way more of a fisherman than ever a casting fanatic. I am open to other rod suggestions for this fishing purpose, but I've fallen for the other two Radians I have because of the sensitivity I find fishing them.

I'm worried that it may be too shooting head specific and not as good with longer heads. In which case I may just stick to the shorter ones. It would be nice if it can deal with a reasonably longer line for bombing casts out there for fun one day. Why not hook fish with 120' of line out for the heck of it right? Hehe

Thanks in advance.
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