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Scoop: RIO "GrandSpey" at the Sandy Clave

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A speypages/speyclave "scoop" for the Sandy Clavers:

Just finished chatting with Simon Gawesworth who informs me that he will unveil the new RIO GrandSpey line this weekend at the Sandy Clave. This is exciting news! While I don't have any specs on the line Simon assures me that a sample will soon be en route to speypages headquarters and I'll look forward to the test casts. He has also provided an updated listing of his rod/line recommendations including the GrandSpey, and I'll post these asap.
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Timing coincidental???? :hehe: Gotta love Mr. Vincent (a real Spey Bubba if you know what I mean :chuckle: ) and the folks at Rio.

Plus they have managed to really keep this under the rug as I just talked with the rep. this past Friday and he made no mention of it. :mad: And now he is in Africa so I can not hit him up for the details! :mad: :mad:

Guess I'll just have to wait for the details...like the rest of us. :mad:
Goes to show . .

That sometimes the best hype is No Hype! :chuckle:
Can't wait to try it out! My current project status is looking good, with the laptop on the plane I should be able to finalize some specifications for the next release and get to Sandy R. if all goes well over the next several hours...


Did you say that you in fact would be getting a demo line? That is great, I can't wait to try it! I'm impressed, the line is announced and right away demos are available - go figure.
Just got back from the Friday night "pre-clave". Met several neat people like Simon, Way, Steve and others. Speycasters are some of the nicest people.
Cast the Grandspey for a few minutes. It was a 9-10 line on a 15' 10 wt. T & T. The head was 72 feet long. The running line is the color of the Midspey but the belly is the color of the WC. kinda cool. I didn't spend enough time with the line to form a real opinion other than that the 15' 10wt. is a telephone pole of a rod and needs a real heavy line to load it

PS: It's nice to see that the "No Alcohol" rule at Oxbow park has been waived.:devil:
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