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Scientific Angler Spey Line Data--2004 March

Bruce Richards of Scientific Anglers has kindly supplied current, as of March 2004, data for all SA Spey Lines. The data is for general use, is not confidential and will be posted shortly on SA's web site. Weights in grams and grains are provided. A second page provides AFFTA standards for one hand lines.

Following are the categories of SA Spey lines:
-Short Head Spey: heads 47 to 55 feet, 450-850 grains
-Spey: heads 59 to 69 feet, 450-850 grains
-XLT: heads 90 to 102 feet, 787-1233 grains
-Tri Tip: heads 50 to 55 feet, 525-775 grains.

For an XL spreadsheet of this data email request to:

[email protected]

Many thanks to Bruce Richards and Scientific Anglers for sharing this data.
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