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A few years back, students in my after school fly fishing club were blessed by donations from Speypages members. As the school year begins, our club is looking for fly-tying materials to be donated. Hooks #10 and bigger, threads (stronger the better!) and any other materials that would help beginning fly-tyers would be greatly appreciated. Listed below is a little background on our club:

The goal of this club will be to provide students with a stable activity after school with positive role models. We will also educate our participants on conservation and its importance, offer and require a variety of volunteer opportunities, all in addition to instructing fly-fishing and fly tying. The club will conduct several fishing trips to the steelhead creeks located in our backyard. We would also like to provide opportunities to volunteer with the local Project Healing Waters chapter and other organizations as well. Exposing middle school aged children to these opportunities will be powerful experiences to shape and influence their lives and make them responsible, contributing members of society.

Should you have anything you can donate, please send them to the following address:

West Middle School
C/O Bob Tulowiecki / West Fly Club
395 Center Rd.
West Seneca, NY 14224

Thank you for helping introduce these kids to the outdoors and taking an interest in the local resources around them.
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