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Scarce Hooks - Older Wheatley Trout Box - "Spey Flies & Dee Flies" - 3 WS&AS

Partridge Code CS2 S.E.B. hooks - two unopened packs - One in size 2 and one in size 4 - Sold to BCFLYMAN, PP

Two dozen Allcock 2811 heavy wire TDE bronzed hooks 4X long with a limerick bend - a dozen in size 4 and a dozen in size 8. With this bunch are some really scarce Herter's heavy wire up eye tapered return bronze salmon hooks (3716?)... eight hooks. (oh, and this lot comes with the Partridge doubles shown in the photo) Sold to BCFLYMAN, PP

Older 5/8 inch width, 4 3/4 inch Wheatley Silmalloy trout fly box with 55 clips. There is the usual patina and marks from handling and use but the box is in very good shape overall with all clips still tight enough to hold a fly. Considered a rare box from Wheatley's past - Sold to Fatman, PP (Thanks K!)

John Shewey's "Spey Flies and Dee Flies" softcover in extra great condition. (and no, I don't understand the friggin' algorithm certain book resellers are using these days that price books for unheard of and ridiculous amounts... apparently the book is out of print now but $500 to $2,000 is, well, bull hockey) - SOLD (Thanks Bigtroutchaser!)

Three issues of Tom Pero's "Wild Steelhead & Atlantic Salmon" - Premier issue, Vol 1 No 3, and Vol 2 No 2. These are all in good condition. - SALE PENDING FUNDS (Thanks Leeble611!)

Thanks Much, and Happy Holidays!

Steve Cole


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