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Guidelines linkline really suck! It is the worst possible choise when considering the line memory.

To my nowledge the best mono shooting lines is: The original Ken Sawada flat beem, Vision shooting line, (and maybe rio slick shooter as well?). All of these lines should be in the homogenus intermediate version, NOT the floating since they are wery sensitive to kinks.

In my experience streching the mono shooting line doesnt help much, so i never do that. Instead you should soak the line in water for one hour or so. The difference will be enourmous. You dont have to do this if you use the line often (2-3 days a week). Rinsing the whole reel in water at home and then putting it in a plastic bag (to keep moisture) on the way to the river will be enough in most cases.
These types of shootinglines does not work well in temperatures below 5 degrees celsius.

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