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Let's talk on shooting lines...........

I am using Teeny LSL shooting lines (conventional 30 lb. 0.038 inch floating level flyline) at the moment. These kind of lines are marketed by many manufactors..........

The Scandinavians use a lot of monofilament and flat beam mono's.

So ordered some of this stuff, and got 3 types, from Guideline in Sweden this time.

They all have great names and specs, like:

Linkline Shooting Line (which is white, round, 50 lb. BS 0,6 mm high level floating and quite slick, with less memory, spool of 40 meters).

GS Line (which is light yellow, semi flat, very slick, a bit more memory, 55 lb. BS, about 0,30x0,60 mm, needing some grease to really float, spool of 35 meters).

Shooter, Ultra float Shooting Line (which is Orange, semi flat, slick, very good floating, same diameter as the GS, 50 lb. BS, spool of 30 m).

The prices of all spools are the same.

It is best to sretch those lines before use, to avoid toooooooo many tangles........

As for handling the old Shooting LSL (or similar) is best, for distances the mono's are far superior, adding at least 20-30 ft to a good cast if it doesn't tangle. The line mending is of course different with these mono's but the floating scandinavian head can be controled very well because these thin lines cut through currents very well, making it very easy to control the heads.

I know there might be a lot of thoughts on running lines or shooting lines, please share those insights.

Cheers, Gerald. :cool:
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