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I use Rio's powerflex .024 for my heads running line. I also use the Airflo running lines, trout and salmon in the floating and intermediate with factory loops. These are fatter PVC lines and offer a little more resistance in the guides so that the heavier heads will turn over. Never used any mono but if it was really thin, I'll bet you could whip it out there and not worry about the current pulling it downstream. I think another thing that is key to an uninhibited cast would be a decent basket where the fingers offer the most tangle free ejection as possible. But I've only been working this about a year. Still have much to learn. I've mutilated a lot of line, broke a few rods, bought scales that measure in grains, all in the name of shooting heads.

For shooting heads, I use big boy and aqualux heads with a few airflo shooting heads and I use the Loop adapted line for heads. I've really taken to using the Rio heads though. Some times I'll do the poor mans version of the Scandinavian shooting head. 30 foot windcutter upgrade alone with tips. My big boys are the 200, 300, 400, 500 grain and the aqualux 200, 300, 400, grain. I also use a little ten foot middle section that weighs 100 grains. So it runs running line, middle section and then maybe aqualux. I do this to bump up my 400 grain head to a 500 and instead of a 26 footer, it becomes a 36 footer. It seems to work best. I use this in the Salt and on the rivers. (Skagit, Sauk, Stilly, Skykomish, Sol Duc, Hoh etc.)

Glad to see this thread start up. Interested in what other people do for running line and stuff.

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