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Being in the middle of Scandinavia, I know the brands and types you mentioned. Yes, different monofilaments really are popular here... But prices have gone up very much and I just could imagine the profit the companies make on a spool of 35 meters...

Please note that some of the types you mentioned is possible to get in different thinknesses. The Linkline, which is the type with the least memory problem, is available in different dimensions, and I only like the heaviest one for salmon. A drawback with many mono shooters are poor lifelenght - especially so the Linkline. It easily get scares, kinks etc.

I guess it has been on these pages before but if not please note that you can reduce memory problem by stretching the lines after you have had them in some medium warm water. Then they stay straighter for a longer time.

My choice is an old fashioned shooting line, now I have used RIOs shooting line for two seasons. It gives better head and fly control, and a casting that is more like fly line casting and less like spoon casting :hehe: Casting lenght is seldom a problem with these setups.

Please note that there also are other solutions here in Scandinaiva, for istance special braided shooting lines. Other brands than Guideline is delivering similar products.
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