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A lot depends on what you mean by an "intermediate".

These range from "hover" or "neutral" lines (0.5 ips) that sink very slowly indeed & in a decent flow will fish around just in the top few inches of the water, to a fast intermediate (1.5 ips) which equals the old sink 1 ratings.

Add in the dual density, & now triple density, heads & the mix increases. I have been very impressed by the casting/ handling & fishing qualities of the triple density heads & would recommend you try a float/ hover/ intermediate if you want a slow to medium intermediate sink rate in the uncut Powertaper head - you can then trim this to weight, an #8/9 cut to 35 feet will give 400 grains. Or if you want a short head then a #9/10 cut to 31 ft 8 ins will give the same weight - but, as ever there are variations in manufacturing so always start over length & weigh, then trim back in small amounts until you get the right weight

If you want a faster sink rate there is the float/ intermediate/ sink 2 which having a faster tip will get your' fly down faster to start with but the slower mid section & floating butt will stop it going too deep.

If you want an ready to go head the Powertaper Scandi #7/8 float/ intermediate/ sink 1 sits in between the first two in terms of sink rate & comes in at 417 grains & 34.5 feet.

Regards, Tyke.
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