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Well, after a week of casting awkwardly and not knowing what I was doing, today I put my game face on and was casting 80 to 90 feet, right were the kings were rolling. The casts were not consistently that range but the ones that were really made me smile :) .

I was using the Loop Grey 14 foot with a 570 grain head and type 2 and 7 poly leader with 4 feet of maxima chameleon tippet. What a wonderful day of casting and not catching. I had a few bumps and two cutthroats that spat the hook.

I found it awkward casting the shorter heads and then figuered out (with the help of Aaron) how to work the head with long leaders. I still would like to get past the 100 foot mark. Are there any recommendations or techniques that anyone can point out on this? I am practicing daily, however, any input would be greatly appreciated.

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