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I had a request for a SBS last week..while this isnt the same fly as requested, it would show any tier how to tie it ..just change out body and front hackles..presto

I tie almost all my shank flys the same, just subbing out materials and colors to change, size and silhouette and movement and aesthetics and all that...just fancy wooly buggers lol.....Check out "the tube fly" by ken swada or anything by PAul Miller for ideas!

I get asked a lot at shows or thru my website about tying and process
I know my tying is grounded in ok technique (from tying for years lol)
and I try to be a little different no matter the genre of fly (saltwater, steel, trout etc..) but Im totally intimidated by Speys, and dees and I am going to challenge myself to tie some this fall and winter ....thanks to all the support I see and feel here ..Its been a rough year & 1/2 of my life and im happy to be coming out other side (Divorce and **** :)

The Pattern

Shank 40mm
AFW 22lb wire
Med Nickle Dumbells
3 Ringneck rump feathers
Turkey TAil Fibres
Pearl braid
Fine Wire
Schlappen HAckle
Long Jungle Cock
Long Fibred HAckle
Bronze MAllard
Amherst Fibres

Tail Asembly
Clump of Chart Estaz..two turns as a bump
Ringneck Rump in brown tied against estaz and faced 270 degrees with turkey fibres tied in individually

Body:tie in order on bottom/backside of fly
Pearl braid
Fine Wire
Chart Schlappen (stripped 1/2)
Wind braid, followed by schlappen followed by counter rib of wire to in front of Dumbells

Front Assembly
2 ringneck rump feathers in Brown tied infront of dumbells
Jungle Cock Tied Tented on Either side
1 Long Fibred HAckle (This looks like a heron hackle to me but its from an old hat and I cant identify)
Chart Amherst fibres tied 360 around individually
2 Turns long MAllard (stripped and bodkin picked prior to head Cement)

Thanks for looking!

Hope u like



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Nice job!

David lovely work as usual. You really put a unique spin on your ties and I enjoy viewing your work. Lots of movement and the right amount of color while keeping things simple and light weight to cast after the flies get wet. Hope your going to be at the shows in Somerset in November and January would love to check out some of your work in person, missed you at the last show, you were away from your vice when I passed by your table. Anyway thanks for sharing, your SBS was an informative view into your process.


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Now that there, is an outstanding bit of work. What a great looking fly.



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Simply stunning, David! Great SBS- thanks for sharing that with us!

I wish you the best with what you have going on in your life and hope all turns out well! At least, you're getting out to swing your beauties. It helps the mind and soul!

I can't wait to see your Speys and Dees. You absolutely have to do it!!!

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