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Saracione-Bellinger Deluxe Disc Drag Salmon Reel for sale. The reel is
brand new and has never had a line on it. It has Saracione Bellinger Makers engraved on the back side center spool, 007 on bottom (ser # 007) and 3 3/4 on bottom (3 3/4" dia). This reel is similar to Saracione's Deluxe II Salmon Disc Drag reel, which he sells for $3000 (and takes 60-90 days to get). The reel is in a burgundy velveteen bag inside a deer hide bag. This reel is made with multi-piece aluminum and bronze assembled spool. The reel is made with delrin hard rubber material for the black side plates, 18% nickel silver protective side bands and 12% nickel silver fittings. The spool, foot and serpentine handle are aluminum alloy. The entire reel is hand polished to a jewel like finish. This reel features the time proven rotor and caliper disc drag system utilizing oil impregnated cork calipers, and a floating rotor disc for an ultra smooth drag. Drag adjustments are set via lever control with 9-detent settings. Additionally, this reel has a preset gear and pawl drag for controlling spool overrun when light disc drag settings are made. This also contributes to the great sound of the reel when a fish makes a strong run. Specifications: right hand, 3 3/4" dia, spool width 15/16", weight 12.2 oz, capacity is 6,7,8 2-handed fly lines. PHOTOS NOW AVAILABLE email: [email protected]
Price: $2000.00 plus shipping. No Paypal, pay by money order, bank
check or personal check. Please correspond by email: [email protected]
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