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Sandy Clave


May 15
During the day:

Ron Lauzon & Leroy Teeple
"Roll Cast To Spey Cast".

Simon Gawsworth
The Evolution of Spey Casting

George Cook
"Northwest Original Spey Casts"

11:30 - 12:00pm
Andy Murray
Spey Fishing From A Gillie
Lunch Served: Noon to when ever

Leroy Teeple-
"Spey Line Loops & Splices".

Brian Silvey -
"Little Spey Rods For Steelhead & Trout"

Mark Bachmann
Spey Fishing Techniques

1:30pm - dark
Try out tackle on the water.
There will be lots of tackle provided for you to try
and lots of help for you to improve your casting.

Evening at camp:

May 16
During the day:

Al Buhr
Casting Short

Scott O'Donnell & Mike McCune
"Versitile Spey Casting"

Andy Murray
Salmon Fishing

Simon Gawsworth
Tips & Tricks

11:00 - 11:30pm
Steve Choate & Dr. Way Yin-
"Improving your distance"
Lunch Served: Noon to when ever

Steve Rajeff-
"Cast 300' ".

George Cook
"Fishing For Chinooks".

Ed Ward -
"Skagit Techniques for Shooting heads".

2:00pm -4:00pm
Try out tackle on the water or -
Tear down - go home.

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Spay clave

I haven't had a chance to join in on this aspect of the sport. I can tell you personally that Ron Lauzon is a great instructor, caster, and friend.

He goes to the same church as I do and has tought at a few of our men's retreats. I learned a lot in the limited time I got to have his help.

Mark Bachmann (owner of the shop and web site above) is also a first rate fellow. I have recently been frequenting his store almost weekly.

Teaching tying classes and all---not at the store however... although he has offered for us to use his class room. We get together late in the evening (after hours) and I don't want to inconvenience him...He'd do it, I just don't want to do it to him...

Sometimes I buy stuff, sometimes simply talk or ask questions, he's always helpful. You'll like him. One of the sponsors here too.......check out the store if you have not done so.

Oh and by the way, I don't work for him, just think he's a heck of a guy, so I'm willing to toot his horn.

If I possibly can, I'll be attending my first CLAVE this year. Never spey cast. Sounds like a good time. Maybe I'll win a spey rod so I can afford to give it a go........Trez:hehe:

I'm tired and rambling.... Guess I should say good night Take care

Edit----Talked to Mark again today, says he will open the shop for our free tying (after hours) classes and help with supplies. Will talk with my group, but it looks like Mark's going to do some more sponsoring.

Nice guy--------Get to know him.

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tom larimer?

found this on a post regarding last year's clave video. it's from a guy named Rob Estlund...

Monster casts in background

Throughout the tape, many different casters were demoing rods in the background. One caster in particular really stands out. The kind of casting that should be in the foreground, not the background. I'm about 99% certain that caster was Tom Larimer. Originally from Milwaukee, WI, Tom now guides on the Deschutes. His casting is incredible and I believe based on the unique stance, timing, loop shape, and loop speed that it was him in the background.

Maybe next year's video will include a segment by him!

Great video! Can't wait for next year's.


that said, anyone heard if tom larimer's coming? his name wasn't on the program.

i've met him both in oregon and back in milwaukee and not only can the guy cast, he's got a real pragmatic approach on how to fish oregon and washington waters, meaning he stresses the controlled short game as much as he does the long-line casting and with respect to long belly tradition, he's got a great justification for the shooting head's shallower d loops we need to effectively fish tight canyon water.

seems to me he'd be a real asset to the local spey community! hopefully we'll see him there.


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"Credit where credit is due."

I'm sure a large % of you have already read/reacted to the following. From the Sandy River Spey 'Clave web site -flyfishusa:

"This time of year there should be plenty of Summer Steelhead. It is also the peak of the Spring Chinook run. The days are long and the weather is warm.

This event was first proposed by The International Spey Page and Discussion Group. (This sentence seperated out for emphasis)

If you are interested in spey rod casting and fishing, we would strongly recommend that you join this warm friendly group....


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Missed it?

If you missed it you missed a great time with good people, most willing to share hard earned information and a lot of fun to be with. Put it on your calendar for next year. Where else can you rub shoulders with and get pointers from some of the worlds best? remember not all of them are presenters or reps.

Wish there had been a few more fish in the river.
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