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So, I forgot, I think to post this here some time ago. Do take a look at this short film about a special little river in the south of Norway that I made nearly 2 years ago now.


The river is only 1.5 miles long from the sea to a very large waterfall. It has a prolific run of fish and whilst not classic fly water, has numerous pools and is a pleasure to fish.
Indeed the falls-pool, is a regular cauldron of fish waiting to run the salmon ladder, or for the water to drop so low that they can run the falls. I think I could say that this could be in the top five most iconic falls-pools in all of Northern Europe.

It has a fantastic, historic lodge from which you can walk from the top, to the bottom of the river. As also has the tail-race, so you can fish in even terribly low water conditions, which we had when we made this film!

So, if you know anyone with very deep pockets who would be interested in the rare opportunity of acquiring 49% of the fishing rights plus a lovely lodge, please PM me!

Many thanks
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