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My girlfriend has a conference in Halifax in September and is wanting me to turn it into a bit of a vacation. My thoughts are that if I'm out there, might as well look into salmon fishing opportunities.

I know virtually nothing about that region, timing, etc. Is there any opportunities around that area, DIY or otherwise? I don't mind renting a car, but guided may be out of the budget. Rods? Flies?

Thanks, feel free to PM if you want to avoid hotspotting

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Youre about 4 hours driving to Margaree. Thats a great time to fish it so long as the rains have started. If they havent its still a fair bet.

There are a couple other rivers on Cape Breton worth trying, but theyll be more rain dependent than the Margaree.

Nothing on the mainland is worth fishing unless driving 4+ hours up to the CB rivers is out of the question. Even then, fishing for EXTREMELY depleted runs just doesnt seem right.
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