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For sale or trade a Z-Axis 6126-4 with the handle turned down by Bob Meiser in good condition. He even added a composite cork ring to reinforce his thinning which is a good thing in the long term scheme of things. The handle is virtually the same on the top as Bob's lighter two handers and was a vast improvement over stock. The factory handle on the top is one of the main reasons this rod is not as popular as it should be; it was too thick to begin with for such a light two hander. The lower handle was left as is because it adds a good amount of mass down there and feels right to me.

This rod is awesome. This 6 is more like a 5 IMO which can be a good thing until the salmon arrive. I have been finding myself without a proper spey rod in the Fall for salmon fishing and need something short, light, and strong.

Hope somebody is out there wanting to buy or trade. I am interested in a Z-Axis 8129-4, TCX 7126-4, Loop Opti 8124, and other similar rods. If there is cost difference it can be covered by $$.

500$ takes the rod straight up.


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