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Yes a xp 697 . 9'6" 6wt w/ fighting butt. Awesome rod. Actually my favorite of all rods Ive probably owned. getting no love for the past few years and im downsizing my stocks to the bare bones. Heres the deal.. This rod has a broken section. I'll send it back to sage and have them do a full replacement clean bill of health on it and have it shipped back to me at your address care of you. tada your rod. not many of these come around it is a fantastic streamer rod.. big trout nymph rod..do it all sort. Ive caught summer steelhead on it. FUN! 330$ shipped and repaired to your door. the repair is $50 plus shipping to sage. I'll get pics up soon. comes with factory sock and tube. i'll throw some flies in as well. Im an honest seller and you will get what Ive described. no suprises. You need this they're not making any more of them!

another option is to take $50 off the price I'll ship it to you and you send it or drop it off at sage whenever you want. I have a blank warranty card as well if that makes a difference.


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