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Hi to everyone.
I come from Europe.
I need a suggestion.
On half October I will visit BC looking for steeheads.
We are planning to fish in Skeena, Copper, Morice, Babine, Bulkley, depending from weather conditions.
I've at the moment a Loomis Nrx 15" #10/11.
I would like to buy a Sage.
My doubt is between 13,6" #8 or 14" #9.
I would be inclined to buy the 13,6" #8 but I'm worried because I don't want it's too small/light for such a kind of rivers and fishes.
Please I ask you to help me to take the right choice.
We will fish mainly in Skagit style with floating or intermediate heads.

Another question is which skagit line is the best choice for the two rods.

Thanks for helping me.

Setting the hook.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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