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I'm moving due to our new baby and need to down size some gear to get a few more bucks for guide sticks.

3. TFO 340 I just bough this reel for trout spey which is part of my guide gig. but the reel was a little too cool for me ended up with lower end reels that made more sense to get trashed would be great for salt the darg would stop a train if required. Again a near perfect shape reel no pouch or card but tfo is top notch with warranty. 120.00 to con us

4. Beulah guide series 9' 6 wt 3 piece two tips this is one of my favorites but then I stopped fishing single hand rods locally. The rod is very clean two tips bag and tube for 185.00 shipped to the con us.

5. fenwick hmg 9' 10 wt bought it from woodsman clean rod great back up but dont use it does launch my biggest flies with a outbound short wicked far. looking for 75.00 shippped to con us.

6. sage RP 9' 8wt great rod missing like 3/4 inch at the tip never sent it back to sage. sock no tube looking for 175.00 to the con us.

7. Paddison unknown blank feels sage like but no sage badge on it 9' 8 wt used it for bass then built some bass sticks that are one piece. looking for 150.00 shipped kinda a full flex like a sp.


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