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Sage GFL 9140-3

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This Spring while on the Skagit I had the oppurtunity to fish a friends Older Sage 3 piece 14' Spey Rod. This rod had a feel to it that I really liked. He had it strung with a 9/10 Mid Spey and was able to power snake almost all the line off the reel, impressive I thought, for an older generation spey rod. It didn't have any markings other than 9140-3GFL. I supposed this was one of the original 14 footers that Sage built in the late 80's or early 90's, prabably 1st generation graphite? It occured to me there are proabably alot of these older rods sitting around getting dust on them with all the new stuff out these days. Can anybody out there give me some information on this particular rod and does anyone have one they want to part with? I'm curious if they made the rod in a 13 1/2 footer 7 wt. with the same back bone the 14 footer has. I have a graphite 111 4 piece 7 wt. in a later brown blank but it seems kind of weak to me, especially when fishing with 15' sink tips with a 7/8 Mid Spey. The 9140-3gfl has a considerable larger diameter butt than some of the later 14 footers I've looked at, I suppose because of the lower modulus graphite that was being used at that time. I wonder if Sage when they discontinured this series of rods, sold the blanks to another rod company. I've heard St. Croix was using some of the old Sage blanks for there rods but were they building rods with this particular blank or the next generation of Sage Blanks? Curious to here what you all have to say.

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I am not aware of Sage building any spey rods on original graphite, but I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong on that. My first speyrod was an RPII 14' 10 weight and I believe I purchased it in 1988. It was really a horse and the only other spey rod (actually double-handed rod would be a more accurate term) in Sage's lineup at the time was the 14' 9 weight. Unfortuately, I sold that rod years ago. The same blank was used later on for the Discovery series 14' 10 weight.
I know of a discovery series 14' 9wt 3pc that is available new for approx $250 if anyone is interested, sponsor flyshop. Feels like a nice rod, great price, but the reel seat is a fuji graphite verses struble, etc. That seat is a workhorse, the matter is one of aesthetics only.
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