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The Sage Accel is new for 2015, and this is a new rod, in the tube, with the warranty paperwork. Check out the online reviews; this is yet another great new Sage rod! Here is a comment from an online reviewer:

The 590-4 Accel won Best New Freshwater Rod at IFTD for good reason. The rod casts so easily, it really does feel like an extension of your arm. Loop control and touch come naturally, but the 590-4 has reserve power in the butt section. If you reach back, the rod responds. For comparison, I found the 590-4 Accel slightly slower action than the 590-4 Z-Axis, my old favorite. I personally prefer the Accel and think anglers everywhere will really enjoy this all-arounder.

Retail is $595, you can buy this one for $450 (about 25% off).

My email is [email protected] if you want to contact me directly. Sometimes PM's from this site don't get forwarded to my email...

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