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*Please note there are no switching rods for other models. This auction is for one brand new 9140-4*

Up for auction with have a Sage TCR 9140-4.

Looking for a cannon? Well here it is. This rod will do everything you ask of it. It will throw long bellies a mile but is also an excellent Scandanavian style rod for those partial to the underhand method.

Sage has used thier cutting edge graphite in the TCR single handers to create an ultra fast spey rod.

When you think of Sage you can no longer think of thier lineup as traditional action rods. They have jumped into the fast action spey market with both feet and this rod is the result of thier efforts.

The winner will recieve the rod shipped directly from Sage with thier name and Speypages 2006 written on the rod. A truly personalized rod that comes with Sage's legendary lifetime guarentee.

Be the first on your block to have these brand new rods and support your favorite spey site at the same time.

The rod will start at 50% off retail so someone will be getting a great deal!

Good Luck!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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