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Sage 6wt 121/2', 3-piece Perforrmance

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Does anyone have experience with the Sage 6126-3? Sounds like it could be a good large river trout or Summer steelhead outfit. If so, I'm interested in hearing from you.
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Sage 6126

I was using one on the Trinity last week. I was using a Rio MS 6/7 with a 10' extra fast sinking leader. I was surprised at how well it handled fairly heavy flies. I usually cast my T&T and Scott SAS rods which are faster than Sage, so it took some effort to get the timing. I had planned on selling it, but now I am going to keep it, and use it for summer steelhead, or just when I need some relief from the heavier rods. However, if I was going to hike a looong distance away from my car, I would take my T&T 7 wt. or Scott SAS 8 wt.

How did you add a couple of inches of cork to the handle? I agree that it neeeds to be longer. I would appreciate as much detail as you can find time for.

extended butt

Thanks for the detail. I went to my local fly shop and he suggested something similar. He suggested putting in an insert, and then fitting a graphite sleeve over it that matched the original rod's outside diameter. Then build a a cork handle on this outer sleeve. In either case, the greatest stress would be where the insert exits the butt. I don't think tht the extra sleeve would add any strength, except that it would be harder to crush.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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