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I’ve a pair of lines for sale or trade: $45 USD each shipped, or for full/partial trade

SA Mastery Adapt Switch, 240gr/23ft. TRADED
Test cast once and respooled and boxed. Nice line-textured, shoots really well-but it’s too light for my rod.

SA Sharkwave Anadro 7wt
Great SH nymphing or streamer line. 60ft head roll casts a mile. Used twice and nearly new.

Photos available, just get in touch.

Stuff I’m looking for for full or partial trade:
Nextcast WA45 or WA55 6/7
SA Spey Lite 180 or 210
Airflo Delta 7/8
Rio Short Head Spey 7/8
Beulah Aerohead 7/8
Etc, etc...

Thanks for looking
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