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Drill Baby Drill and ship to China and worry later ..............

Imagine a tanket full of 30,000 tons of bitumen ........!!!!!!!!

According to Harper and his oil Cartel they have world class emergency respond, but nobody can find it today to rescue Russian Ship


Kinder Morgan questions how much B.C. First Nation still eats fish:

Kinder Morgan questions how much B.C. First Nation still eats sea food :

It appears that Alberta Oil King Harper and his oil carter ( National Energy Board and Texas based Kinder Morgan) think that polluting water is OK, b/c FN can eat chicken instead sea food..... As long as they make profit, people and surrounding environment is a disposable tool used to make profit.


Also : ( Oil cartel will do anything to suppresses evidence against the pipeline !!!!!:Eyecrazy::Eyecrazy:)

"It's a totally flawed process," said Tsleil-Waututh Nation Sacred Trust Manager Carleen Thomas on the National Energy Board (NEB)'s regulations on what constitutes Aboriginal oral testimony. "This is just another aspect that makes it more difficult for First Nations to participate fully".

The NEB recently announced a call for First Nations' oral evidence for the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. Because the regulatory board recognizes that some evidence cannot be provided by writing alone, the NEB accepts "stories and knowledge" as evidence.

But the NEB has created rules on what constitutes oral testimony -- rules which were not present during the Northern Gateway hearings. The National Energy Board defines oral evidence such that it cannot constitute scientific evidence, opinions and recommendations on the pipeline itself. These can only be submitted as written evidence.

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