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OK, here is the basic rundown:

What you have: Rio Powerflex, a coated running line. Easy to handle, works fine for about anything except tournament casting, moderately expensive.

There is also:

Ridge: what Airflo calls Powerflex.

Sharkskin : what SA calls powerflex, but textured so as to slice up your fingers sooner

Monic: a stronger Powerflex that melts to itself if you leave it inside your truck

Connectcore: Powerflex with a special core to make it thicker and more expensive

and the big other family, mono. mono is cheaper, slicker, and usually thinner. You can cast farther with it if you are a good caster, and not as far if you are a bad caster. If you don't find winter steelheading frustrating enough already, mono is the line for you.

in the mono family:

Varivas: mono that floats

Slickshooter: mono that has been squashed

Gripshooter: mono with a handle

Frog Hair: mono that has been irradiated to make it more expensive

OPST Lazar: mono that has been coated with teflon to make it more expensive

miracle braid: mono, but louder

Hope that helps! :)
This may need to be a sticky.
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