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A couple of years ago I bought a second hand rod made by RST, a German tackle manufacturer. It's a 14 ft., 3 piece, 9-10 wt. I am quite happy with it. This company appears to make quite upscale equipment, this particular rod would cost approximately $ 1000 (that's not what I paid for!). Their top of the line Spey rods go for more than twice that much. In their marketing hype they seem to cater to the European crowd who fish the Mörrum and other upscale rivers that mere mortals -like I- just hear and dream of.
I am not sure that many would fork over that kind of dough. Has anyone else tried their rods?

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I have tried a few RST rods over the years. For anyone living on your side of the Atlantic it is like "going across the creek to fetch water" - they are no better than the established American makes. The ones I have used all have been very hard and suited for shooting heads rather than long lines.

The Mörrum, undoubtly a great river for big salmon&searun browns is not too hard to get at, and certainly not expensive. check: http://www.morrum.com/english/english.html
One only gets a few days slots though, and the beats are rather crowded.

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