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Hey guys, time to do the purge of equipment not getting used. Lots of good stuff, just not seeing enough water time to justify keeping around. My loss, your gain. All prices include shipping CONUS.

Echo ion xl 10’ 6wt single hand rod. Fished only a few times, comes with rod tube and sleeve. - 80$

Redington Vapon black 9’ 7wt single hand rod. Comes with a tube and sleeve. Fished for less than one season- 75$

ACR Nova 12’6” 6wt two hander. Comes with rod tube and sleeve. Fished for only one season. Tip was broken and professionally replaced, which has shortened the rod approximately 1 inch. Does not effect casting performance. Priced accordingly though - 160$

1950s hardy Uniqua 3 3/4. Very good mechanical shape with very strong click still. Telephone latch style with darker patina- 350$

1950s Hardy Uniqua 3 1/2” reel. In great working condition, no wobble, strong drag. Polished metal “spitfire” finish. Great reel - sold

1940s Shakespeare steelhead trout 3 1/2” reel. Black, finish, hardy perfect style reel. Strong drag, fully functional click and pawl - 80$

Hardy marquis Salmon 2 reel. Brass foot (English made) with light colored spool and circle spring tensioner. Solid reel - sold

Hardy hydra 4 3/8 reel. Large salmon style reel, loud drag. Cool older single pawl design. Slight bit of looseness in spool. Priced accordingly - 60$

Shooting heads - 30$ each
Beulah Elixer v2 scandi compact 400grn
Beulah Elixer v2 scandi compact 450grn
Airflo FIST skagit head sold
Airflo FIST skagit head 510

Fly lines - 50$
Scientific anglers anadro line 6wt

*all lines in good working condition, fished minimally with no cracks or line degradation

Photos upon request. Thank you so much for your time!!!!
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