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• MEISER MKS 8139 4pc, THE 30-06 of two-handed rods. This rod was made for me by Bob in 2004. A beautiful example of his premium rod work from the feather inlays to the nickel silver and wood reel seat. Rod has been lovingly used maybe 30 or so times only showing signs of normal wear. Aluminum tube and sock. $500

• ECHO 6126 4pc – bought as a backup rod, used very little and none in over 4 years. There is rock rash on the butt section that is in the finish only (see photo). Cordura tube and sock. $170

• Ross FLYRISE 4 Reel, black – Came with a rod I purchased. I haven’t used it and it appears in unused condition. Box + neoprene pouch + shooting line + backing. No warranty card. $65 SOLD

• RIO Skagit 28’ 650gr – Good condition. I have put on a new front loop. No spool. $25

• RIO AFS ST 8/9 F/I 38’ 520gr shooting head – don’t think I’ve never used it. In box, no spool. $25 SOLD

• NEXTCAST Fall Favorite – 8/9 70’, 750gr. Cast a couple of times. In original tin. SOLD

• GUIDLINE DDC Scandi Heads 36’ 478gr floating, S1S2, and S2S3. They’ve been cast once in water. SOLD

I will take care of shipping cost in U.S. So please, no price haggling.
I accept PayPal; no checks or money orders.


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