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Offering for Sale:
G Loomis 14' 8/9 Deveron~Like New was fished only 2 hours hasn't seen a boat or scratch. This rod is a true canon. It will roll out a 600gr Skagit or a 8/9 Buelah Aerohead like a laser. This rod begs big water and big fish. Take it to the Clearwater, Skagit, or Snake and you won't be sorry. Tube and Sock included $300 Shipped

G Loomis 13'4 Metolius~This is a cult classic and very hard to find. Fished only a handful of times. Likes to make long soft casts. It feels and handles like my other GLX rods light in the hand, and handles like a gem. This rod likes the 390 Rage and density compensated tips. 420ish Skagit heads are a joy as well. This is the premier soft, hackle winged wet trout rod, but it will do a summer steelhead too... Sold

Echo TR 7130~This has been one of the best rods in anyone's stable. It was my cornerstone rod for many years. I liked it so much after my brother-in-law bought my first I had to buy another. This rod has seen the river only a few times, during which I lost the rod sock on a horribly windy day down the Grand Ronde. 540 Skagits or 510 Scandi's load it up and let it fly. Probably one of the best rods to cast and fish regaurdless of skill level. SOLD PENDING $

Echo TR6126~I liked the 7130 so much I had to buy this one. This is a definite MOJO stick for me. It has been a day saver more than one time. I don't think this rod has ever gone fishless whenever she's been un-holstered. It casts like a light stick, but fishes really big. 22"ers to 30"ers are equally as fun to catch. For it's size it is unmatched for distance. $225 Shipped I will include a 480 Skagit Compact with this Rod as well


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