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Hi all

Rebuilding the quiver, so in turn I'm off loading my current sticks.

12'6" 5/6 TFO deer creek -SOLD

14' 7/8 TFO deer creek....$300 - bought in october, used only on a 4 day trip. Very little cork soiling and virtually no marking on the male ferrules/blank. Great condition! Sock, tube and blank warranty card

12'6" 7/8 Forecast custom w/ feather inlay ....SOLD

14' 7/8 UHM 12 Anglers Roost....SOLD

I apologize for the poor pictures. I can email better/specific pictures to those interested.

Thanks for looking!


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faster than a rabbit!

I've been looking for a TFO Deer Cr. 5/6 since November for a friend. I logged off at 2100 hrs last night and it is 0738 now. And some guy posted wondering why things take so long to sell!
If your deal on this rod falls through, please let me know, I'll take it.

If anyone else has a copy of this rod for sale, Please PM me!

Thanks. At least you've given me hope that these rods are out there.
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