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rod size vs. fish size vs. fly size

TIp has the right idea. Longer rods for casting long belly lines. Shorter rods for casting mid, short, Skagit, & Scando head lines. Having said that, I feel that most 14 & 15 foot rods are too much rod for the average size steelhead. I could be wrong. The rod makers keep coming out with longer, lighter rated rods.

Then there is the question of whether or not you will be using sink tips. Small low water style flies or half an animal big stuff.

I find pleasure in fishing (casting) low water & skater type flies on long belly lines. But I'm also lazy. When it comes to fishing sink tips and or large flies, I go to Skagit type lines.

IMHO: the Skagit speacialist is a pretty beefy stick. The North Fork is offered in two different lengths. I would not hesitate choosing the 13'-3" if that is what you liked.

Whatever rod you choose, you might even set it up with shooting heads. You could loop to loop any length/type head to a running line. Short head Skagit line. Long head line for greased line work. Or anything in between.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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