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1307/JW Young/Pictures added

Rainshadow 1307: This is the original grey blank, custom professionally built, excellent skagit rod. Typical cork soiling and female ends indicate use.

Daiwa 812. This is the Young 1535 badged for Daiwa. Really a great reel. Very nice condition with very light scratching. I have dremeled the feet very carefully to fit American seats. It looks quite nice.

Reel includes backing and great shooting line, Ridgeline, IFRC.

Rod comes with aluminum tube and cloth sleeve. Price drop....AND DROPPED AGAIN.

Rod is $125 delivered
Reel is $95 delivered

$215 to your door for the whole shebang. I take care of my stuff.

I'm funding my latest purchase.



1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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