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How of you on the speypages have fished the mörrum, or planing a trip next season?

Its one of my home rivers and i have, every year a season fishing licens. Mörrum is a bit crowded from time to time (seasonstart, hole may and end of september moastly) but i love the river! Its quite fast and is boath shallow and deep! The season runs from late march to end september and you vill find times of the season to use boath the heavy 15´ outfit, and the lighter twohanded 13´ rod and your singel spey #7! The lines whoud be alltrough full floathers to heavy grain lines!

Its a beatifull and lovely river whit big salmon & seatrout... if you are planning a trip to the mörrum, please send a pm or a email, and w kan meet up and do som miniinternationalclaving! :)

A little input... The season of 2004, i worked in a litle flyshop in mörrum... att June the river was only 9m3 in waterhigh and the temperature in the river was quite high 17 degree celcius buth not over the terrible 18 degrees. It was not many peapol around, you can say thaht it was quite empty! One of my "bosses" was of to the yokanga i russia for a weeks fishing, my other boss and i decided to fish after cloasing the shop in the afternon. In thaht June week, whit allmost no one in the river, my boss Allan cought 7salmons up to 16kg in a week! I lost 3! Thahts god fishing! Lars in Yokanga allso cought 7salmons, up to 10kg. I lost many nice salmons thaht summer... but thats life man...

check out www.morrum.com
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